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School Management System
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School Management Systems; A quality system is needed in schools to monitor the status of students and to carry out other official procedures. Execution of such transactions was done only by hand-held records in the past. Rewarding and evaluation in education is of great importance. Due to the increasing number of students in schools, these follow-ups may be difficult. The school management system can switch to the awarding stage by making the evaluations quickly after the students' grades are entered into the system. Thus, students' motivation is increased and follow-up is easier. However, today, with the advancement of technology, all data are kept in computers. Data stored in computers are much longer and more reliable. Accessing information and communicating has become easy.
The usage areas of school systems are quite wide. In addition to student and document tracking, the school management system is also used in the education process. With this system, smart board access can also be performed. With smartboard access, lessons are provided with great convenience. In addition, books and other data in the library can be accessed by the school system. Students can practice more about their lessons with the school system. It is very important that the system required for such operations is of good quality. The ease of use of the school system enables students and other users to log in easily. In addition, systems with strong infrastructure should be preferred. In this way, the site will not be affected by the number of people entering the site at the same time. It will run smoothly and without interruption. The school management system provides great convenience for parents as well as students, teachers and administrators. Parents do not have to attend a school specifically for the situation of their students. With a single click, they can easily follow up all lessons and grades. Accordingly, they can contact teachers and find solutions.

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